We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals with a multitude of experience and backgrounds, ranging from Special Education Teachers,
Child and Youth Workers and Social Workers.


We believe that if children could behave, then they would. Our mission is to support families and children to learn new skills. When a child has behavior issues, it is due to lagging skills. Every behavior has a function. Our goal is to identify the function of the behavior and teach replacement behaviors which will allow the child to fulfill the function but in an appropriate manner. As Dr. Ross Greene points out “The reality is that well-behaved children aren’t behaving themselves because of the school or home discipline program. They’re behaving themselves because they have the skills to handle life’s challenges in an adaptive fashion.” Behaviorally challenging kids are challenging because they lack the skills not to be challenging. This empowering mind shift allows for a different perspective toward behavior challenges. Our company logo is the lotus flower “from the deepest, darkest mud grows a beautiful flower”. The mud refers to the challenges that your child is facing. As with the stem growing toward the surface, we also grow though our experiences, learning lessons and overcoming our challenges. Its flexible stem symbolizes resilience.  As the flower blooms, we too bloom into something beautiful.  The more muddy the water, the more beautiful the lotus flower when it emerges.


Our team utilizes a variety of evidence-based approaches and programs. We aim to teach new skills while supporting parents by modeling effective strategies. We work 1:1 with your child as well as facilitate family meetings. We can assist parents with understanding and reviewing behavior support plans, safety plans and individual education plans; thus, helping to bridge the home/school gap. 


We look forward to discussing your individual needs with you.